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Hello morning:

Great start for this lovely morning. I had a couple from Germany, young and charming. They stayed in the cottage last night and enjoyed it very much. Taking pictures of the mountains, flowers, etc… as they said, they’ve never seen such a beautiful place before. Which makes me proud, and I am thankful to my husband for his persistence with the garden and his commitment to it. He is the one in the family with the green finger(s).

Fellow b&b owners would tell you that it is so much fun when you host for guests who enjoyed the view, nature and surroundings.

In days like this one, I feel blessed. As if some cosmic force (I use this word to be able to incorporate believers and non believers and not to hurt anyone’s feelings) is watching and helping me.
There are days, in which, I feel hopeless and feel the need to have a proper job and earn money on a monthly basis and others, like today, very pastoral and bucolic, I am sitting here with my high technology computer in a rural area, a tiny village, and I am at peace.

Looking back, I guess I had my wish….and should be grateful for it.

Anyway, just felt like saying this to the world.